Our Services

Internet/Web Development

Hanger & Associates can be your affordable Web Page Developer. Have you checked into having a page developed? The prices being quote for 5-6 pages are astronomical! We can help you design a page that portrays your company to the world at a resonable price. We don't charge a "per picture" price for a standard wed page, after all, what is a web page without pictures? And when we design your page, YOU own your page. We do not copyright it in our name. Our policy is "If you pay for the page, you own the page!"

Web Page Maintenance

Once you have your webpage, it needs to be updated and changed on a constant basis. That is what keeps people coming back to your page. It doesn't have to be massice changes every day, but at least once a month, there needs to be something new somewhere inside your page. How long will it take for other companies to change your page? Well, they probably get to it in a few days. Hanger & Associates will make average changes to your web page within 2 days GUARANTEED! And at a rate that makes it affordable.

Hardware/Software Purchases and Evaluation

There are so many hardware and software choices out there, it's difficult to know what is best for your needs and the needs of the others who may access your system. Hanger & Associates can help you evaluate which hardware and software will benefit each user of any given number of systems in the most efficient and economical way. Can't find a certain software package you've heard of? We have a huge contcact base and can find that software for you? Contact Hanger & Associates today for an appointment!

Custom Training and Programming

Hanger & Associates have accumulated a vast knowledge over the years of software packages in a variety of fields. Does your company need training in Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Office 97, Office 2000, Excel, Access... Get the picture? Let us know what software you or your staff needs training in and we can help!

Network Setup and Maintenance

Networks of today are not the unwieldy animals of the past. Need to be able to share files on two or three computers? No need to put up an expensive file server. There are inexpensive network options for a wide variety of applications. Just want to share one printer between two computer systems? Contact Hanger & Associates for your best options!

Security System & Network

As things change they stay the same. Virus and Trojan attacks have been around for years. They change in name and form but they do the same damage

Are you prepared for such an attack in your office or home? What will you do if you get attacked?

Data Backup and Recovery of Files

Have you ever deleted an file or had a file get corrupted when you try to open it. NOTHING IS WORSE.

We can help you set up a backup plan, for on-site or off-site storage of data. Let us help you before your files are not recoverable.